Thai Bumroong Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 2517 BC. With the aim to distribute quality product type electrical inductrial equipment imported from abroad. From past to present, We have grown in power with the community. Our collective experience long and accepted by shops and factory units such as the distribution of quality products from all over the world.

More than 36 years has grown since inception to date has resulted in "Thai Group" which consists of 8 company are following

1. Thai Bumroong Engineering Co., Ltd.
2. Thai Technic Electric Co., Ltd.
3. Thai Technic Electric Minburi Co., Ltd.
4. Thai Sataporn Engineering Co., Ltd.
5. Thai Switch Board & Metal Work Co., Ltd.
6. Thai Advance Electric Sales & Service Co., Ltd.
7. Thai Automation Co., Ltd.
8. Thai Electrical System Co., Ltd.

During the past from the past to the present Thai Bumroong Engineering Co., Ltd. and the company in "Thai Group" continues to insist that the purpose was to maintain the import and distribution to ensure quality of service to all customers.